Our Mission

Feb 12, 2017, 12:27:05 PM

Have you ever had a used car buying experience that left you feeling like you gained a car, but lost you pants? - buy direct and safe! - we help you keep your pants on, by connecting sellers directly with buyers. No middleman or dealership, but we provide All services that you need for buying a new car - pre purchased car inspection, warranty and car finance!

Our profits come from our professional partners - mechanics, banks and insurance company, so the only thing we make money on is something our customers like also.

Did you know, You can save 2 000 - 3 000 dollars on each deals? Just by using carmarket! choose the best rate of finance and insurance on one platform -!

our partners - car repair shops and mechanics provide 101 points of inspection for cars and offer extended one year warranty for buyers!

Our business model: We collect public data from various sources, and provide a SAFE way for buyers to make a deal, we facilitate them with all paperwork and DMV, and this - make amazing, unforgettable experience of buying a used car!

Lets try our service and save your money! We are very open for personal discussion with potential VC of seed investors and will explain how to multiply your money over a couple of years time!